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Post  Rhapsody. on May 7th 2012, 19:45

★ Name IG : (nickname of the french version also)Rhapsody
★ Faction :Exiles
★ Guild : The Lords of Kaldrass
★ Class : Monk (healer)
★ Gender : Female
★ Level : 30
★ Thief or Justiciary : niet
★ Professions : niet

Hello everybody. I'm an french player and I play on the french version of alidhan.My english is bad and I'm here to improve myself.
My objective on this version is to be the best healer exiles Smile
Kissssss everybody


Level :
Rhapsody Left_bar_bleue0 / 2000 / 200Rhapsody Right_bar_bleue

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Rhapsody Empty Re: Rhapsody

Post  Gwirel on May 8th 2012, 23:26

Tss.. Cheater for ranking Healer x)

I joke, play well.


Faction : Exiles of Alidhan
Guild : Justice
Class : Monk M
Level :
Rhapsody Left_bar_bleue25 / 20025 / 200Rhapsody Right_bar_bleue

Age : 25

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