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Post  Isil on May 6th 2012, 08:39

★ Name IG : Isil
★ Faction : Exile of kaldrass
★ Guild : Hellway
★ Class : Ranger (or bowman if you want)
★ Gender : Female (lol)
★ Level : 23
★ Thief or Justiciary : Neither. I do not do them
★ Professions : All of them

★ Old character : Psychotic Jo

I come on this game just for fun. I read English well enough, but the writing and speaking that's another story. My goal in this game is to progress in all business for the exiles. I do not want to make a run level. I always say that the bonus codes and help sites is evil. I always think about this version!

Faction : Exiles of Alidhan
Guild : Hellway
Class : Bowman (ranger) F
Level :
Isil Left_bar_bleue40 / 20040 / 200Isil Right_bar_bleue

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Isil Empty Re: Isil

Post  Gwirel on May 8th 2012, 23:52

In your honor !



Faction : Exiles of Alidhan
Guild : Justice
Class : Monk M
Level :
Isil Left_bar_bleue25 / 20025 / 200Isil Right_bar_bleue

Age : 25

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