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Alphonse Empty Alphonse

Post  Alphonse on June 17th 2012, 01:58

Hello everybody ^^
I'm Alphonse, baron of a young, but great guild, Hellway !
I'm lvl 74 and I'm a tailor Smile
I don't know what to say ...
I have a very poor english pig

Faction : Exiles of Alidhan
Guild : Hellway
Class : Magician M
Level :
Alphonse Left_bar_bleue74 / 20074 / 200Alphonse Right_bar_bleue

Age : 21

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Alphonse Empty Re: Alphonse

Post  Thom'n on June 26th 2012, 10:36

Welcome, so if u prefers writing in french.. I think the majority of the people here didn't have prob with that..

My english is not the best too. But I try to make effort. clown

Thompson aka Spider Pig clown


Level :
Alphonse Left_bar_bleue0 / 2000 / 200Alphonse Right_bar_bleue

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